The Importance of a Will

Most People today do not consider proper estate planning strategies before their death and die without a will. This can create a number of problems.

A will can perform the following functions:

1. Enables you to name a guardian to care for your minor children after your death and that of your spouse;
2. Enables you to appoint an executor you trust to manage your estate, simplify the administration of your estate;
3. Enables you to distribute your property in your estate, such as real estate, personal property and intangible property;
4. Directs how a business is to be run or sold;
5. Directs how and when certain assets are to distributed;
6. Provides for burial, cremation or special instructions;
7. Can provide for the support of charitable causes’
8. Directs the immediate payment for your burial expenses, debts and taxes.

A will can always be changed during your lifetime when there has been a changed of circumstances with your finances or lifestyle.

Having a will can save your family lots of money when you die.

We can help you prepare a will at a very low cost.

We can also help you prepare a Living Trust and a Power of Attorney for Health and Finance.

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