October 5, 2016



Trinity Law School

2200 N Grand Ave

Santa Ana CA  92705



Re: Osekowsky/Frank


Dear Ms. Adams:

 I am writing this letter on behalf of Mr. Frank Osekowsky.  I met Mr. Osekowsky in late 2013 when I was searching for a paralegal to assist with legal research and filing civil matters.  Since that time, Mr. Osekowsky has completed various civil filings in family law and unlawful detainer for me.  Additionally, he has performed legal research for unusual unlawful detainer clients as well as supporting research for asylum claims.  I have always been satisfied with the work product that Mr. Osekowsky gives to me.  I look forward to continuing to work with him in his current capacity as well as in the future when he will hopefully become an fellow attorney.




 Juan Carlos Pallares, Esq.